Jobs Access Working Group

Employment Statistics

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Center for Economic Studies, there are 14,818 jobs along the JDC. The greatest share of jobs is in manufacturing (3484), followed by management of companies (1750). Of the jobs available, more than half (59%) actually pay $40,000 or more per year.

Yet, of the jobs along the corridor, nearly all of them -- 14,674 -- are filled by people who live outside the JDC.

Several recent studies on intergenerational poverty and upward mobility have explored the link between poverty and commute time, finding that the longer an individual has to travel for work, the greater the likelihood they are living in poverty.

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Community Voice

The 2017 Community Listening Process involved 700 people.

Jefferson Davis Corridor residents were concerned with these issues related to employment:

  • job creation

  • job training training

  • recruitment along the corridor

  • transportation

  • returning citizens' access to jobs

  • child care

The 2018 Community Listening Process involved 200 people.

  • JDC residents want jobs close to their house or apartment (37%) or close to public transportation (32%)

  • JDC residents identified not enough jobs on the JDC as the biggest barrier to employment (22%), followed by not knowing which businesses are hiring and no transportation (bus or car access), both at 19%.

In the RVA Thrives geographic area along the Jefferson Davis Corridor, the unemployment rate (11.6%) is more than three times the City of Richmond’s (3.4%).

Equitable Solution

The jobs working group has researched the issues and created an actionable project proposal for quarterly job fairs to bring together job seekers, employers on the Jefferson Davis Corridor and workforce development service providers.

In 2019, RVA Thrives staff and Steering Committee will host three focus groups with employers, Latino job seekers, and young adult job seekers. We welcome all JDC employers, job seekers, and workforce program providers to attend.

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